Sepam series 10
Sepam series 10 offers 3 types of digital overcurrent and earth fault protection devices for feeders and distribution transformers, each one dedicated to a single application. Models available: Sepam 10N, Sepam 10B, Sepam 10A

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The Sepam series 10 range includes 3 models: series 10N provides protection against earth fault. series 10B provides protection against overloads, phase-to-phase faults and earth fault. series 10A performs the same functions as the Sepam series 10 B, with digital inputs and additional relay outputs, one communication port and additional protection and monitoring functions Sepam series 10 replaces RH110, VIP 50 and Sepam 100RT due to end of commercialisation (November 2009 ) Standard Manufacturers Warranty: 2 years
The perfect balance! Simplicity: an assurance of easy installation, simple parameter setup Reliability: a reliable, high-quality response to expectations for protection of medium voltage networks Productivity: the essential of the protection functions," just what is needed", it offers the best quality/price/performance ratio on the market.
Protection of secondary power distribution networks (MV/MV, MV/LV substations) Protection of buildings with MV power supply (office buildings, shopping centres, industry, warehouses)