Sepam Series 100
Additional protection and control modules. Models available: Sepam 100MI, Sepam 100LD, Sepam 100LA

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Sepam 100MI - Mimic diagram and local control: Module with animated mimic diagram and pushbuttons for local control: - available in 14 standard types - customisable on request Stand-alone or combined with Sepam Local indication: breaking device, disconnector and earthing switch status Local control: breaking device control, withdrawal control Sepam 100LD - High impedance differential protection 2 versions: single-phase or three-phase, for 50 Hz or 60 Hz power systems Accessories: - Stabilisation resistance - Surge limiter Sepam 100LA - Self-powered protection Protection relay supplied from the phase 1A or 5A CT (via an interposing CT) No auxiliary power supply required Combined with another Sepam, provides the back-up protection - overcurrent protection 50/51ercurrent protection 50/51 - earth fault protection 50N/51N Tripping of the Merlin Gerin breaking device by a MITOP trip unit Contractual warranty Period : 2 years
Simplicity and performance, headed in the right direction Protect your power system with full peace of mind using Sepam protection relays. Reliable local control thanks to the Sepam 100MI Backup protection in all circumstances thanks to the self-powered Sepam 100LA
Sepam 100MI: mimic diagram for local control Sepam 100LD: high impedance differential protection for busbar, machine or restricted earth fault protection Sepam 100LA: self-powered protection