MiCOM E124
MiCOM E124 is an auxiliary device typically used to provide energy to the trip coil of a circuit breaker in distribution systems. Models available: MiCOM E124

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MiCOM E124 trip unit can be used in all cases where a battery and charger would otherwise be necessary to trip the circuit breaker. Such is the case in substations where there is no auxiliary supply, and where protective relays draw their auxiliary power from current and voltage transformer circuits. Thanks to the two independent set of capacitors (2*59J under 300Vdc), it allows several applications : Energize two different trip coils two consecutive trips on the same trip coil Energize a powerful trip coil (up to 118J available) In other cases where auxiliary supply is not secured or reliable, MiCOM E124 can also be used as back-up power supply during a voltage dip or an interruption of supply to prevent the device from resetting/rebooting. Standard Manufacturers Warranty: 2 years
<ul><li>Recording of faults, events and disturbances </li><li>RS485 communication ports </li><li>Capacitive discharge output (sensitive trip coils, strikers and flags available in P115 and P116) </li><li>Selectable measuring criteria: True RMS or fundamental frequency current measurements </li><li>Conventional CT inputs or Extremely compact solution using dedicated LV Phase Ring Core CTs </li></ul>